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DGM is a web application that simplifies the creation of various diagram types, from initial idea sketches to formal notations like UML and ERD. Belows are key features:

  • Free forever for local use : You can use free forever if you are working with local files.
  • Cloud storage : You can save your diagrams on cloud and access them anywhere
  • Smart shapes : Shapes could have constraints, properties and scripts.
  • Image export : Diagrams can be exported to PNG and SVG images.
  • Hand-drawn styles : You can make shapes with hand-drawn style and font.
  • Shape libraries : You can import and share shape libraries with community.
  • Theme-adaptive colors : Colors are automatically adapted to the light or dark theme.
  • Publish on Web : You can publish diagrams on web and embed it within other sites.
  • 30 days of history : You can restore your diagram to any point in the last 30 days.